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One Beverly Hills Construction Update

Construction Activity

Current construction work

  Currently, early phase infrastructure work has commenced with the upgrade of the storm drain line and new retaining wall along the west property line. The monitoring effort around the site has resumed now that construction work has begun. The site soil stabilization is being maintained, and the site is being watered daily to minimize dust.  

Specific Construction Activities

  · Existing storm drain line to be replaced with 72" RCP to open the buildable area for the new building layout.  Portions of the existing storm drain are incorporated as part of the new retaining wall footing.  This work is isolated to the west property line.

 · The new 72” storm drain and transition structures will be installed within the shoring piles to the depth and routing per the civil plans for proper flow. 

-  New site retaining wall along the western property line is part of the MR-2 package.  The 20’ H CMU wall is built on top of the existing RCB, incorporating a portion of the existing culvert as structural footing. The CMU wall will follow the grade of the project from the high point at the northwest end down to Santa Monica Blvd at the southwest end of the line.  The CMU will remain unfinished until the plaster application called for in the Main Building package. 

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